Brokering impact and risk between stakeholders.

Investments: Impact Investing, Responsible Investments, Sustainable Development. 

Governance: Resilient Institutions, ESG, Stakeholder Relations, CSR.


International Aid: Charity, Philanthropy.

Relations: Stakeholder Relations, Investor Relations, Government Relations.

Brokering data and technology.

Data: Big data, Open Data, Social Data, Environment Data, Private Sector Data, Government Data.

A.I.: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Quantum, Cognitive.

Framework: Algorithms, Protocols, Processes.

Two Dried Leaves




We are living in the golden age of data. The proliferation of data and information sources is at a scale that can be difficult to manage, but powerful if successfully leveraged.


Advancements in machine learning have led to game changing tools for discovering insight from a flood of data, accurately and timely.


Distributed Ledger Technology is a transformative force for efficient economies, resilient institutions, and sustainable development.


When A.I. generated results and the data it relies upon need to be accounted for, a powerful trifecta is a fully integrated A.I.,  blockchain, data solution.



Not every dollar is equal. Some dollars go far and have a significant positive impact, while others languish in high overhead costs, or worse, have a negative impact. 

FCBH Inc. works with her clients to maximize their positive impact with every dollar.


Risk is defined as the probability of something occurring multiplied by the cost or benefit of it happening. 


At FCBH Inc, we believe along this axiom that increasing one's positive impact will reduce risks significantly, while mitigating risks will improve one's positive impact.


By improving positive impact and reducing risks between stakeholders, trust is built.


Trust allows for further value creation in the form of partnerships.

FCBH Inc. endeavors to support trust and partnership between stakeholders by leveraging tools that identify both risks to mitigate and opportunities for positive impact.

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