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FCBH Inc. has researched, developed, and invested in tools and innovation to identify and improve funding in high priority areas and to support our mission of advancing environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and social wellbeing:

Data Cloud


Data, both open and private, is invaluable in building intelligent frameworks, transparency, and accountability around projects and investments.

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Distributed ledgers are proving to be game changing technology for creating trust in stakeholder networks. As such, blockchain and Smart Contracts makes for elegant architecture for partnerships and innovative funding tools.

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Artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning is powerful in revealing hidden insights from structured and unstructured data to identify risks to mitigate and opportunities for positive impact.



The WhiteBox platform supports frameworks of transparency, accountability, and ultimately trust around projects and investments.

WhiteBox draws impact and risk intelligence from machine learning for assessments and predictive analytics.

Tools: Projects
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