​Innovation that advances environmental, economic, and social prosperity:

Our mission is to improve funding in high priority areas, improving both how and where capital is allocated.

FCBH Inc. has researched, developed, and invested in tools to help with our mandate, foremost under the umbrella of the WhiteBox Platform. 


Data, both open and private, is invaluable material to draw insight and build sustainable frameworks of transparency and accountability around projects and investments.

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Distributed ledgers are proving to be game changing technology for building trust in networks. As such, Blockchain in the form of Smart Contracts makes for elegant architecture in building trusting stakeholder partnerships.


Artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning is powerful in unlocking the full potential of data and by extension the Smart Contracts that incorporate the data.



The WhiteBox platform builds frameworks of transparency, accountability, and ultimately trust around projects and investments.

WhiteBox draws impact and risk intelligence from big and small data using machine learning for assessment, predictive analytics, and other operational insight.


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 Flynn Cote Brokerage House Inc.